Visual / UI Design & Prototyping

Visual and UI design is the culmination of research & analysis, information architecture, wireframes & user flow diagrams and the implementation your brand to create beautiful designs of what the finished product will look like.

Your User Interface is the first thing your users will see, our goal is to make life simple for your users by providing designs that are easy to use, efficient and provide an enjoyable experience with as little friction as possible. With over 12 years experience providing bespoke designs for websites, apps and products we can provide beautiful designs that are both fit for purpose and a great ambassador for your brand, we understand the difference between designing for software and designing for marketing and provide the best interface possible for your product or website.

Interaction design is an important part of the process too. That’s why prototyping is an important step in the creation of your product or website. Stringing together designs in order to provide a representation of the final product before development often improves the final product, by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Prototyping provides an opportunity to test the designs with real world users as well as stakeholders in order identify problems before development starts, saving time and costly changes further down the line.

We utilise the newest and best technologies to provide your users with a seamless experience when using your product. Our design and development teams work closely to ensure the design vision is carried though to the end product.

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