Design Thinking Workshops

Design and collaboration go hand in hand. Design thinking workshops are a great way for everyone to get on the same page when understanding and untangling a problem.

Design thinking workshops can provide an excellent starting point when creating a new product or service, getting stakeholders involved in design for the start can mitigate a lot of problems and set expectations early in the project.

These workshops are planned in advance to be an informal and fun way to assess the problem and brainstorm ideas and solutions. They can be held at multiple stages of the project and are a good way to instil a user centric mindset across the entire project and all stakeholders.

As well as gaining a better understanding of the problem we can provide workshops that are a useful tool to help your company get better at problem solving, team work, gain a competitive advantage and become more creative.

The outcome of our design thinking workshops can be any number of tangible resources, this could be a customer journey map, wireframes, information architecture, low or high fidelity designs, user personas or marketing materials to name just a few possible outcomes.

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