UI / UX Design

UI and UX work cohesively to ensure your audience gets the most out of your product or service.

Often they are confused for one another, however the simplest way to separate the two is that UI (User Interface) is how the user interacts with the product or service and UX (User Experience) is the overall feel and function of a product or service. UX work is preformed before anything has been designed and influences how the design will look and function when the project is complete.

UX operates on an arguably more psychological level to the design process, below the surface layer of interfaces. The job of a UX designer encapsulates UI and aims to ensure that a ‘users experience’ is meaningful and enjoyable, to elicit a feeling that resonates with your target market – and to bring your product to life. To do this, UX design takes a more holistic approach and is decidedly responsible for the product from inception, release to further maintenance such as troubleshooting.

UI design is an integral part of any company planning to connect with an online audience. It is essentially the ‘face’ of your business and can make or break the relationships you create with people. The aim of a UI designer is to engage and retain your audience with a pleasurable and practical experience through considered visual design elements, allowing them to intuitively navigate your web or app without giving it too much thought. To ensure consistently qualitive deliverables, our approach adheres to the fundamentals etched out by the founders of all things interface design. We put ourselves in the shoes of current and potential users for every decision made, ensuring optimisation of each element such as typography, white space and contrast for useability and readability, functionality on multiple devices and ease of use.

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