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Our team of developers are highly experienced in building mobile applications using Ionic. Ionic is a hybrid toolkit framework, ideal for cross-platform app development, taking and translates a single codebase which is then deployed anywhere on iOS, Android or online.

This intuitive toolkit not only makes it easier for application maintenance but also massively decreases the cost of application building.

It allows developers to create code from a single codebase using an array of tools and components to really take advantage of native features without the downtime of learning an entire set of new skills.

Developers can use their existing knowledge of frameworks such as React native, Vue & Angular to build native Android and iOS without needing to dive deep into the native codebase.

Boasting customers such as EA, BBC, and NHS, Ionic is a lead contender in the cross-platform development sector.

It’s without question that building cross-platform applications from a single codebase increases productivity, improves cost efficiency, and accelerates time to delivery in comparison to building separate native apps and a PWA.

Full SDK access is available and when combined with Capacitor or Cordova plugins you can access all the native APIs for each device. This allows you to really tap into the native features such as the camera, flashlight, and file storage - to name just a few.

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