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Social Video Sharing

Delivered the database and NodeJS API hosted on Azure for a social video sharing app, working closely with another offshore frontend development team

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The greatest technical challenge was maintaining secure development practices and ensuring the front-end mobile application and back-end server application (being developed independently by two different teams, in two different countries, using two different technology stacks) were communicating with one another in a secure and authenticated way. ​


An iterative approach was taken through design sessions with the client and the third-party company in order to plan how authentication would work from a user perspective and throughout the tech stack.​

​The process involved establishing a series of user stories that would determine the access rights, functions and limitations of each account type to be created for the associated web application.​

Authentication features are incorporated to prevent users from accessing other users’ videos unless they are made publicly available.​

​NodeJS allows our developers to utilise a number ofhelpful APIs to assist in the development of an asynchronous back-end for the application server.​

​The MySQL database is used to store credentials pertaining to clients using the site (such as login details, user info, bios, pricing and categories of work). ​

Our back-end solution leverages the capabilities of Azure for the application’s video storage, with all additional functionalities being custom-built. ​

​In doing so, the back-end provides all the functionality that the front-end application needs to successfully operate.​

​The result is a high performance, scalable and fault tolerant server layer with automated deployment to the Azure cloud. ​

Technology Stack

  • Azure​
  • Express​
  • MySQL​
  • NodeJS​
  • React​
  • TypeScript​

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