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Shopping Behaviour Explained

Shopping Behaviour Explained (now known as Spark Emotions) required a product which would enable them to collect various pieces of information about shoppers in stores and supermarkets, with a view to analysing their behaviour and helping stores to maximise their revenue.

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The main technical challenge was building a product that allowed pictures to be taken, stitched together, and then used in a very customised survey application and deployed by way of a mobile tablet application.​

​The application is very niche and would have very limited commercial appeal - therefore nothing exists off the shelf or via open source and a completely bespoke solution was required.​


There is no product available on the market that offers this functionality on a mobile device. There is desktop software that allows images of shopping aisles to be built up, but that data is not then available interactively on a mobile device. There are tablet friendly applications that allow surveys to be built, but nothing that would be custom enough to allow the rapid capture that was required here.​

​Rapid prototyping was used to build screens and demo them to the client before spending time building the full functionality. There was then an iterative process of including changes to the screens based on the feedback from the research analysts who would have to use the application in the field.​

Technology Stack

  • React Native
  • Firebase​

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