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Online Banking

A brand new start-up in the eCommerce / Ethical retailing space wanted to build a product that would use Open Banking to connect to users bank accounts to analyse their purchases and give them information that would help them make more ethical choices.

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The biggest hurdle was creating a database that was flexible enough to store all of the details about retailers that was required, make it easy to maintain by the client, whilst also being able to connect it to the incoming Open Banking feed, with enough information to link the transactions to the retailer.


We constructed a database of retailers that the client could easily maintain through a connection to Google Sheets. We then integrated this database with the Open Banking feed. Finally the output was made available through a mobile application.​

Although out of the box Open Banking feeds are available, there was no product that could analyse those feeds to provide information on the retailers where purchases had been made. We followed an iterative approach with the client, building a Google Sheet which contained the retailer information, linking it up to Firebase for the application to use.

We integrated with a sandbox version of the Open Banking provider to ensure we could get enough information from the feed to be able to look up the retailer.​

Technology Stack

  • ReactNative​
  • Firebase​
  • Open Banking​

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