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A Recruitment Consultancy - wanted a platform building that would connect companies requiring IT resources to a large flexible talent pool of freelance resources.

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The biggest hurdle was producing a website that would have the performance the client required, with the flexibility needed to store all of the required data about the freelancers.


For this project we used GatsbyJS, a relatively new technology at the time which helps to produce websites with blazing fast performance by statically generating the bulk of the content at build time. As a result for most of the site there is no database retrieval happening to slow down the user experience. For the elements of the site where data storage/retrieval was required, we used Firebase - this enables flexible document storage direct from the client with no server layer required.​

Out of the box marketplaces are available, but they are generic to cater for all domains, rather than offering the specific functionality that is required for the IT consultancy domain - such as the various languages, frameworks and platforms that freelancers can specialise in. As a result a bespoke solution was created.​

Technology Stack

  • React​
  • GatsbyJS​
  • Firebase

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