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Automated Text Messaging Platform

Encouraging positive behaviour through timely prompting of users via text message. React, Go, PostgreSQL

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The existing platform had grown organically over time to become a very large and complex monolithic codebase. The new features required were business critical but also required changes throughout the stack, including in the core engine.

There was little in the way of documentation on how the platform was architected or how to build and run the platform locally. There was no unit tests or automated testing of any sort, with the risk of unintended consequences to any changes.


NorthLink Digital were able to quickly analyse the existing code base, put in place some automated unit testing around the key areas, and rapidly build, test and deploy the critical business features that the client had requested. The quick and successful delivery led to the client using NorthLink Digital for all future changes to the platform.

The front end was built in React, resulting in a user friendly interface for adding and amending messages for mass circulation or for sending to individuals.

In addition there was an integration to Google Sheets to allow an entire schedule of messages to be easily configured.

The server side of the product was built in Golang, exposing its functionality to the client by way of REST APIs.

Text messages were sent by interfacing with Nexmo (an SMS provider) using their REST API.
Postgres was used for the database.

The platform was hosted on GCP.

Technology Stack

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Golang
  • Cloud SQL (Postgres)
  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Messaging APIs (Nexmo)
  • GSuite integration

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